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caring headerBCMT encourages users to help care for the trails by providing stewardship opportunities using ‘Leave no Trace’ principles. We are currently building our own Environmental Care Program which will examine LNT principles in relation to a Marine Environment.

BC Marine Trails is not only concerned with trail building, but over the years has made maintenance of our beaches and coast a priority.

Our Stewardship Committee is our largest volunteer group and stewardship activities such as these cleanups, along with LNT education and awareness, are quickly becoming the primary outreach activities. Site Condition Reports (SCRs) help pinpoint trouble spots for site cleanups and remediation and also help us report back through our map on any issues. SCRs can be filled out through our map popup boxes. At the bottom of each box is a link.

BCMT is also pursuing partnership agreements with RSTBC and BC Parks for assistance in needed upgrades and cleanups in certain areas.


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