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Sea to Sky groups will be coming together to clean up Howe Sound shores. Many conservation groups in Howe Sound area (and beyond) work to keep the area as natural as possible and hope you will participate as well in these ongoing efforts.

In the 1900s the industrialization of Howe Sound began, slowly, degrading the environment until marine mammals, fish, and other species literally disappeared for years. After several industries closed down, the ecosystem began a slow recovery. Many organizations invested dollars and hundreds of hours of volunteer time in the restoration of the fjord. Once again, we are working there to help protect part of it. Windstorms on Dec. 20 and Feb. 9 battered the fjord, littering debris in Squamish at Darrell Bay, along the Sunshine Coast, at Lions Bay, and in West Vancouver. A coordinated approach to removal of the debris is being planned with sponsors and volunteers stepping up to assist.

Stakeholders collaborating on the initiative include The Future of Howe Sound, the Squamish Nation, the Suzuki Foundation, My Sea to Sky, the Marine Ecosystem Reference Guide, BC Marine Trails and other local conservationists. The lead group for the clean ups will be The Future of Howe Sound Society, who will arrange truck removal of winter storm debris on 13/14 April from designated locations.

On Wednesday, April 10th and Thursday April 11th, the BC Marine Trails needs 3 or 4 volunteers. The work is outdoor shore cleanup work loading tools and debris into a small motorized boat. Volunteers can participate either by kayak or sign up to be part of the boat team. Volunteers in kayaks must be self-led and self-sufficient and should be in contact with our coordinator, who will be in his open boat. There will be camping for one night.  The start/end of the trip will be from either Porteau Cove or possibly Eagle Harbour.

The BC Marine Trails will prepare a float plan for the event. As well, volunteers are covered under BCMT liability insurance.









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