Vancouver Island Marine Debris Working Group

Gerald Island

The BC Marine Trails Organization has been a member of the Vancouver Island Marine Debris Working Group (VIMDWIG) since 2015.

VIMDWIG was formed in 2014 due many organizations doing similar work on Vancouver Island and some duplication that was happening at the time.

It was decided that each group belonging the VIMDWIG would take on a certain area of the coast of Vancouver Island with a large focus on the plastics cleanup on the west coast. The whole coast is not completely covered but there are many areas that are. As always more volunteers are needed.

Here is a short list of areas covered by organizations belonging to VIMDWIG:

  • Surfrider; consists of two groups - Vancouver Island Surfrider and Pacific Rim Surfrider. These folks go all over the place; they can show up anywhere.
  • Clayoquot Cleanup: This group cleans beaches and sites in the Clayoquot Sound and area
  • Vancouver Aquarium: cleans in the Pacific Rim Park area on Vancouver Island
  • Living Oceans Society; cleans the North Coast Trail, the Cape Scott Trail, Lowrie Bay, Cape Palmerston, Raft Cove, Hecht Beach, Grant Bay, Quatsino Sound.
  • Ocean Legacy: shis society focuses on the south side of Brooks, Savary Island, Thormandy Island, Jedediah Islands, Nelson Island, English Bay.
  • Coastal Restoration Society:C layoquot Sound, Meares Island and Tofino area.
  • Hesquiat First Nations: Hesquiat area.
  • BC Marine Trails: Gooding Cove, Restless Bight, Lawn Point, Side bay, Klaskino, Klashkish, North side of Brooks, Gerald Island, Discovery Islands (Chained Islands) Topknot Point.

We are fortunate that the majority of cleanup at our ‘marine trails’ sites is being done by Living Oceans Society, ourselves, Clayoquot Cleanup and Coastal Restoration Society. We work quite closely with Living Ocean Society on the pickup and sorting of materials.

It’s really great to belong to such an awesome group of other dedicated groups and they have been extremely helpful to me as I take on this role of stewardship chair.

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