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BC Marine Trails: Preserving BC coastal access for small craft users.

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BCMT works to promote and protect the coastal marine environment through education and active stewardship. We advocate Leave No Trace practices, and educate the public on the safe and responsible use of public lands.

How you can participate:

Site Condition Reports

  1. On one of your BC coastal adventures be our Eyes and Ears and fill in a Site Condtion Report. Find the form here. Or visit our Site Condition Reporting Page for more information.
  2. We maintain a list of sites that need a Site Condition Report or light maintenance. This is our current list.

Site Stewardship

We organize clean ups, invasive species removal and some maintenance trips. These trips require a fair amount of organization, generally in the Spring, and are subject to change due to weather, availability of trip leaders, and other requirements.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator and get placed on a site steward list. This is an informal list of people with interest in clean ups, invasive species removal and maintenance work. Our current volunteer coordinator is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She will notify you ahead of a scheduled event.

You can can also monitor our Events page for coming activities.

Summaries and past photos can be found here.

Fair Harbour

Stewardship Values:


  • We value the ecologically diverse environment of coastal British Columbia and efforts to protect it.

Caring for the Coast:

  • We value responsible stewardship practices that benefit the ecologically diverse environment of the BC coast.

Crab Apple Cove


BCMT - Partnerships

It is our goal to work cooperatively with Recreation Sites and Trails BC to ensure user safety, provide sanitary conditions, protect the environment, ensure access and convenience, and maintain facilities and infrastructure on Recreation Sites along BCMT’s marine trail network. BCMT has been developing recreation campsites and conducts clean ups during operational work.




Proud Sponsor

Mmec rgb trademark en 135 2014ountain Equipment Cooperative have granted funds to the BC Marine Trails to work on a Site Environmental Evaluation Program and a Public Education Progam (Marine Code of Conduct). We will update readers later in the Spring about the programs.

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