Preserving our Wildlife

Why fund this campaign? As part of our BCMT Code of Conduct we are emphasizing protecting wildlife. Birds are threatened along east Vancouver Island and in Howe Sound. We are raising funds to research the impact on birds like the Harlequin duck. We will be offering some Powerpoint/Zoom presentations in 2022.

Why are we protecting birds in the Salish Sea? BCMT has recognized that impact on bird populations is a primary concern. Populations such as harlequin ducks, which moult during the summer and reside nearshore during that time, conflict perfectly with our user group, which is paddlers or operators of small boats that transit nearshore during the summer months. The problem identified is that our user group is almost universally unaware of this conflict, cannot identify the species being affected, and can even misjudge the conflict — that harlequin ducks, being unable to fly during molting, are mistaken for being not scared enough to fly and are therefore believed to be not impacted. Rather, disturbance during this period is particularly harmful.

Harlequin ducks is just one example. The goal of this project proposal is to identify all bird species potentially negatively affected by our user group, to find mitigation strategies to minimize that impact, and to educate our user group through outreach programs on recognition, understanding and impact mitigation.

Trans Canada Trail Association is supporting part of the $7000 of this project.