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Our Communications Team

Our Communications Committee looks after several key areas for the BC Marine Trails:

  1. Social Media - we work four social media platforms to deliver or relay information about the BCMT. Our social media icons are at the bottom of each page on our website.
    • Facebook - Our Facebook manager, Martin, posts regularly to keep paddlers and visitors to our site, abreast of relevant paddling and BCMT information.
    • Instagram and Twitter - Danielle keeps new photos flowing through our Instagram account. Regular posts also flow from out Twitter account.
  2. Public Relations
    • Newsletter - issued once a month by members of our team
    • Coastal Journeys articles - posted regularly for reader's enjoyment
    • Media relations
  3. Website
    • Home page
    • Joomla management (this is the content management system of our site)
    • All webpages
    • Membership and membership issues
  4. IT team
    • Assisting with management of Trail Management database
    • Email and hosting
    • Training of volunteers
  5. Signage
  6. Event organization
  7. Volunteer organization

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