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BC Marine Trails: Preserving BC coastal access for small craft users.

Current projects

  • Cape Scott Marine Trail

    Cape Scott Marine Trail

    It is destined to be one of the great adventure routes of the world -- the Cape Scott Marine Trail (see article). Read More
  • Discovery Islands Marine Trail

    Discovery Islands Marine Trail

    The BC Marine Trails Network Association is turning its attention to the Discovery Islands in 2018, starting the process to create a series of formal marine routes to link Powell River, Campbell River and Sayward. Read More
  • Salish Sea Marine Trail

    Salish Sea Marine Trail

    The Salish Sea Marine Trail officially opened in September, 2017, but the work is still continuing behind the scenes. Read More
  • Site Steward Program

    Site Steward Program

    The BC Marine Trails Network is gearing up for the 2019 season by posting new cleanups and and some SCR's we would like get to plan more clean ups. Read More
  • Code of Conduct

    Code of Conduct

    What is the size of your footprint when you visit a BC Marine Trails site? It may be larger than you think. Read More
  • Creating Recreation and Reserve Sites

    Creating Recreation and Reserve Sites

    The BC Marine Trails has worked with Recreation Sites and Trails BC for a number of years. In the last two years, in particular, we have managed to establish a number of recreation and reserve sites. Read More
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