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  • Newcastle Island celebration

    First Nations

    Our Work with First Nations First Nations have paddled the coast of B.C. since time immemorial and we owe them a great debt today for many routes, techniques and technologies they developed.  Read More
  • Cape Scott Marine Trail

    Cape Scott Marine Trail

    It is destined to be one of the great adventure routes of the world -- the Cape Scott Marine Trail (see article). Read More
  • Discovery Islands Marine Trail

    Discovery Islands Marine Trail

    The BC Marine Trails Network Association is turning its attention to the Discovery Islands in 2018, starting the process to create a series of formal marine routes to link Powell River, Campbell River and Sayward. Read More
  • Salish Sea Marine Trail

    Salish Sea Marine Trail

    The Salish Sea Marine Trail officially opened in September, 2017, but the work is still continuing behind the scenes. Read More
  • Code of Conduct

    Code of Conduct

    What is the size of your footprint when you visit a BC Marine Trails site? It may be larger than you think. Read More
  • Creating Recreation and Reserve Sites

    Creating Recreation and Reserve Sites

    The BC Marine Trails has worked with Recreation Sites and Trails BC for a number of years. In the last two years, in particular, we have managed to establish a number of recreation and reserve sites. Read More
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