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Getting a GPX file onto your GPS

This short article shows you how to download a GPX file onto your computer and then select it in Basecamp software. So you need a laptop/desktop computer and you also need to download Garmin Basecamp, a free program.

Log On

  1. Log into the BC Marine Trails website. Left side button.
  2. On the landing page select "Member Central". When you log on (left menu item) you will first come to a landing page. There are two links at the top: Go to the Map | Member Central. Select Member Central.

Member Central

  1. On the right side of Member Central select ‘Downloads Page (GPX or KML).
  2. You will see a map of the BC coast. The map has six regions including South Coast Mainland, Vancouver Island, Discoveries & Mid Coast, Central Coast, North Coast and Haida Gwaii. For this example, click on Vancouver Island.
  3. When your mouse is over Vancouver Island it will change to light blue. Click to choose Vancouver Island.
  4. Chose a paddling area (you can choose more than one) such as Barkley Sound. The paddling area Barkley Sound turned green.
  5. Below is a button that says, “Download results for your GPS”. Click this. Depending on your type of computer it will download a file called “bcmtn-export-gps-a date.gpx”. This saves to your download section of your computer.

Garmin Basecamp

  1. Open Garmin Basecamp. On the top bar are selections such as: File, Edit, Device, etc.
  2. Click File. Click New. Click List and enter the name of your Paddling Area (any name really).
  3. Next, click File and then select “Import into Barkley (name I selected). Find the “bcmtn-export-gps-a date.gpx” and import it. You now should have a set of waypoint in Garmin Basecamp.
  4. Connect your GPS unit to your laptop/desktop.
  5. Select ‘Device’ and ‘Send to Device’. Select ‘Barkley’ or the name you placed in list.
  6. Your GPS should now have a gpx waypoints in the Barkley Sound area.

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