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B.C. Marine Trails Network Association
3285 Roper Road
Ladysmith, BC, V9G1C4

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B.C. Marine Trails Network Association
3285 Roper Road
Ladysmith, BC, V9G1C4


Please give us a donation to support our efforts. We can issue a charitable receipt upon request to offset some Canadian income tax!

Our Canada Revenue Agency charitable number is: 812142826RR0001. You can make donations here

 Charitable Purposes of the BC Marine Trails

The purposes of the Association are:
a) to identify, map and preserve a network of marine access points and public recreational sites along the British Columbia coastline for use by the general public;
b) to protect the environment for the benefit of the public by conducting environmental stewardship projects designed to preserve and protect flora and fauna, and restore waterways; and
c) to undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above-mentioned charitable purposes.

Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Strategies


The entire B.C. coastline linked through marine routes and land sites for safe and sustainable water-based public recreation.


To work with First Nations and stakeholders to build, protect and promote a public network of marine trails allowing recreational navigation of the BC coastline with minimal impact on the environment.

Please see our strategic document on the right side of this page for more details on our related goals and strategies.

About Us

The BC Marine Trails Network Association (also known as BC Marine Trails) is a BC-based registered non-profit society and a registered charity under the Canada Income Tax Act. We are dedicated to both creating and preserving a network of BC coastal marine launch points and public recreation sites and to the protection of the environment through our environmental stewardship practices  As written in the ‘History of the BCMTNA’ major progress began on this initiative in 2007. The success of the BCMT to date rests with our hard-working volunteers and dialogue and consultation with First Nations (rights holders),  stakeholder groups and government agencies.

The BCMT is comprised of 12 paddling clubs from Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island and the mainland of BC; the BCMT has approximately 600 individual, family and business members as well. Each club assigns designated representatives to liaise and volunteer with the BCMT.  Over the past several years, these volunteers have logged tens of thousands of hours performing site assessments,  inventoriies, cleanups and upgrades along the vast network of trails. 

 At the heart of the Association is our Board and committees.  Their roles and responsibilities have become complex and far-reaching. Given the length of the BC coastline — estimated to be around 27 000 km long — and the huge number of actual and potential sites, there is a significant amount of work yet to be done. Our three committees - Trails Development, Stewardship and Communications - are well organized to understand complex areas of responsibilities.

Part of our volunteer work is with Recreation Sites and Trails BC, our government 'partners' where Crown lands outside parks are concerned. We meet with their technicians and managers on a routine basis not only to exchange information, but to get advice and help on the progress of a trail. We are very fortunate to have such support. In the past year, our association has been working with BC Parks on a 'marine strategy'.

From 2016 to 2018, the board and committees, led by P. Grey and supported by our operational assistant, J. Kimantas, developed a strategic plan to advance our goals and objectives until the year 2023 (see plan link on right). We have also developed a Marine Trail Safety Mandate, which will be posted later after some additional review by members and volunteers.

Member Clubs and Board of Directors

Member Clubs of the BCMTNA

  Board of Directors

  • President: Paul Grey (Nanaimo Paddlers, Cowichan)
  • Secretary: Kelly Patterson
  • Treasurer: Robert Holley (Club Locarno)


  • Nick Heath (SKABC)
  • Allan Edwin (SKABC)
  • Steve Best (SKABC; Squamish Paddling Club)
  • Gene Gapsis (Nanaimo Paddlers)
  • Martin Ryer (SKABC, Comox Valley Paddlers Club)
  • Jerry Kaye
  • Francine John (Nanaimo Paddlers)

Mailing Address
BC Marine Trails Network Association
3285 Roper Road
Ladysmith, BC, Canada V9G1C4

Benefits of the BC Marine Trails Network

 Paddlers, small boat users

The BC Marine Trails Network secures water access for for public recreation for present and future generations. Small boat users need frequent land access at safe locations. The BC Marine Trails Network helps represent small boat recreational interests during land use planning in and around coastal communities.


The BC Marine Trails Network provides a focal point for local tourism initiatives. Tourism is a vital economic compnenent in coastal communities.

Coastal Communities

The BC Marine Trails Network links coastal communities together by water.  Paddlers patronize  many of the amenities offered in these communities, such as hotels,  B&Bs, restaurants, all kinds of supplies, water taxis, and guiding.

Stewardship and Education

BC Marine Trails Network Association members are active stewards of our marine coastal environment and are committed to educating all users about the important natural and cultural values of our coast.  BCMTNA is a member of Leave No Trace Canada.

Choosing Marine Trail Sites

Sites along the BC coast will be chosen using our Marine Trail Safety Mandate (a set of guidelines or procedures):

  • Reasonable paddling distance apart (optimal distance betweeen campsites is 8 nm; maximum distances is 12 nm)
  • Identifying safety stops
  • Beaches that are safely accessible at high and low tides
  • Beach or upland area on a durable surface, suitable for 'leave no trace' camping 
  • Scenic beauty
  • Respect and preserve cultural sites

These areas for overnight or day use, together with frequent accessible launching sites, will become the basis of the BC Marine Trails Network: a network of marine trails along the entire British Columbia coastline, designed for public recreational use for present and future generations.

The BCMT gratefully acknowleges the efforts of First Nations, Municipal, Regional, Provincial, and Federal agencies in making the BC Marine Trails vision a reality.

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Strategic Plan of the BC Marine Trails


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