Isle-de-Lis (Rum Island)


Primary Campsite

Coordinates: N48° 39.74' W123° 16.76'

Land Tenure: National Park Reserve

Landing Comments: Easy on exposed gravel, pebble tombolo between Rum and Gooch Islands.

Camp Comments: 3 tent pads 150 m above beach. Pit toilets. Fee charged May - Sept. No fires, including below high tide mark.

Tent Sites: 3

Other Comments: Site located on Rum Island. Small attractive island with views, trail. seal and bird colonies. Isle de Lis (Lily Island) name given by former owner. Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

Park notices:

None currently.

Park information:

This small island features a Douglas fir/arbutus forest and coastal bluffs, as well as vegetation that reflects the warm Mediterranean-like climate of the southern Gulf Islands. 
The island is popular with kayakers who stop overnight on multi-day paddling trips, but plan to arrive early in the day as there are a limited number of campsites (three sites). Marine access only, pit toilets and no drinking water.

Rum Island is connected to neighbouring Gooch Island by a gravel beach that is the best place to put a kayak ashore. Gooch Island is private property: please do not trespass.

Campground info:

  • 3 primitive campsites
  • Pit toilets
  • No potable water
  • Accessible by Water Only
  • GPS Coordinates: 48.662781, -123.280474


Rum Island is reputedly named for its use during the US prohibition as a staging ground for smugglers.

The following is from BC Geographical Names:

Gooch Island

Gooch Island adopted 31 December 1930 in BC Gazetteer, not "Cooch Island" as mis-spelled on Southern Districts of Vancouver Island, 1892. Re-approved 3 November 1934 on Ottawa file OBF 1449-3.

Source: BC place name cards, or correspondence to/from BC's Chief Geographer or BC Geographical Names Office

Descriptions and further information:

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve information. Link.

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