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BC Marine Trails Film Shoot

August 2018 Filmshoot


BC Marine Trails Directors, Members and Volunteers – Martin Ryer, Steve Best, Gene Gapsis, Les Hudson, Lyle Wilkinson, Allan Edwin and Elizabeth Pannell spent a week paddling nearly 100 km in a very remote section of NW Vancouver Island as part of a unique undertaking – to create a promotional video, showcasing everything that our marine coast has to offer. We can’t wait to show you! We’re hoping the final cut will be ready by end of September.

We couldn’t have asked for a more inspirational Filmmaker than Shane Philip from Island Soul Films – www.islandsoulfilms.com Shane brought a level of energy and enthusiasm to this project that no one else could have.

We paddled through sea caves, sunsets, set our tents up in the rain and took them down in the rain; we encountered some big water and were woken by Wolves howling in the middle of the night near our camp. With each stroke of our paddles, new friendships were formed, experiences shared and memories made.


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