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Quadra Island, Penn Islands, Octopus Islands Park, Rendezvous Islands, Surge Narrows


   Located opposite Campbell River on Vancouver Island, Quadra Island is a short 20-minute ferry ride across Discovery Passage. After another short vehicle ride and rendezvous island southRendezvous Island southyou reach Heriot Bay where you can catch another BC ferry to Cortes. It’s another 40-minute ride. Both Quadra Island and Cortes Island have several access points. A paddler can go on multiple daytrips or several multi-day trips.

Quadra Island is part of a group of islands called the “Discovery Islands”. There are several islands in this archipelago including Read, Cortes, Sonora and Maurelle Islands. There are many smaller islands and island groups such as the Penn Islands and the Rendezvous Islands with campsites.

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  • Consider a daytrip from Heriot Bay toward Rebecca Spit or an overnighter to the Breton Islands.
  • Consider a multiday trip to the Penn and Rendezvous Islands.
  • Visit Cortes Island and take an overnight trip to Ha'thayim (Von Donop) Marine Provincial Park from Coulter Bay access.
  • Take a guided tour with companies like Spirit of the West, Quadra Island Kayaking or Wildcoast Adventures.


The Wild Coast 3: A kayaking, hiking and recreation guide for BC’s south coast and east Vancouver Island by John Kimantis

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