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Thornbrough Point (Channel) Recreation Site

thornbrough ch camp 6 640Introduction

Centrally located on the west shore of Howe Sound, north of Gambier Island.

Proximity to other camping & access sites (within 16 km):

•  Bain Creek Recreation Site – 5.5 km (3.0 nm)
•  Islet View Recreation Site – 6.0 km (3.24 nm)
•  Ramillies Channel Recreation Site – 6.6 km (3.57 nm)
•  Porteau Cove Provincial Park (access and camping) – 9.3 km (5.0 nm)
•  Zorro Bay Recreation Site – 10.5 km (5.7 nm)
•  Halkett Bay Marine Park– 15.3 km (8.3 nm)

 Campsite Information/Site Data

Campsite or site data for Thornbrough Channel txwnaḿ Chá7elkwnech provincial recreation site can be found directly on our BC Marine Trails map.



Thornbrough Channel alternate landingThornbrough Landing Thornbrough Channel - bluff campsite - one of severalThornbrough Campsite - one of several

thornbrough teodorapopa2Photo by Teodora Popa

thornbrough theodorapopaPhoto by Teodora Popa

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