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Islet View Recreation Site

Islet ViewIntroduction

Another premium but small site. The beach has a cleared boat run in the lee of the islet, so has some shelter on an otherwise exposed shore and there is an excellent cleared area for camping. This the most accessible site from Porteau Cove, but sea conditions in Montague Channel are often rough. Cross with caution in calm condtions. Winds usually rise later in the day and in Howe Sound they requently reverse between early morning outflows and mid-day and afternoon inflows. When in doubt, wait it out!

Proximity to other Camping & Access Sites (within 16 km):

•  Zorro Bay Recreation Site – 4.6 km (2.5 nm)
•  Porteau Cove Provincial Park (access and camping) – 5.2 km (2.8 nm)
•  Thornbrough Point (Channel) Recreation Site– 6.0 km (3.2 nm)
•  Ramillies Channel Recreation Site – 9.8 km (5.3 nm)
•  Bain Creek Recreation Site – 11.8 km (6.4 nm)
•  Tantalus Landing Recreation Site – 14.0 km (7.6 nm)

Campsite Information/Site Data

Islet View Lhemlhemḵwús, a provincial recreation site, can be viewed directly on our BC Marine Trails map.

Photos (do not show cleared boat run)

Islet View LandingIslet View Landing Islet View LandingIslet View Landing



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