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Ramillies Channel Recreation Site


Located on the E shore of Gambier Island this is the most centrally located site in the Sea to Sky Marine Trail network. The beach is composed almost entirely of pebbles for the complete length of the intertidal zone, making a safe and easy landing regardless of the water level. The site is at  the middle of the three prominent beaches in the channel and is on an upland grassy bench,  with ferns, perfect for easy camping and with room for 4 or 5 tents. It seems to have had buildings on at it in the past and this bench has been cut into the hillside or upland bank and roughly levelled  Maybe this was part of a logging camp.  A few smaller alternate tent sites are scattered in the near upland along the shore or at the top of the beach behind large drift logs (or even between drift logs at Neap tides).

Proximity to other Camping & Access Sites (within 16 km):

•  Thornbrough Point  Recreation Site – 6.6 km (3.6 nm)
•  Halkett Bay Marine Park – 8.7 km (4.7 nm)
•  Bain Creek Recreation Site – 9.2 km (5.0 nm)
•  Islet View Recreation Site – 9.8 km (5.3 nm)
•  Porteau Cove Provincial Park (access and camping) – 10.3 km (5.6 nm)
•  Zorro Bay Recreation Site – 14.4 km (7.8 nm)
•  Bowen Island Snug Cove (access point only) – 15.0 km (8.1 nm)

Campsite Information/Site Data

Ramillies Channel ínaḵa LhaxwmRamillies Channel ínaḵa Lhaxwm, a provincial recreation site, can be found directly on our BC Marine Trails map..



Ramillies Channel pebble beachramillies ch ctr land lw 1 350

Ramillies Channel alternate campsiteRamillies Channel Campsite



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