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Tantalus Landing Recreation Site

Tantalus WaterfallIntroduction

Tantalus Landing Recreation Site is at the N end of Howe Sound where there are few other camping opportunities.( The E shore is somewhat developed and the W shore is mostly cliffs.) This  site gives an entry to the Sea to Sky Marine Trail network from the Squamish access point, being within an hour's paddling time from Squamish. Visit the BC Marine Trails map to find out more information.

Proximity to other Camping & Access Sites (within 16 km):

•  Squamish Spit Inner (access only)– 3.5 km (1.9 nm)
• Zorro Bay Recreation Site – 9.8 km (5.3 nm)
•  Islet View Recreation Site – 14.0 km (7.6 nm)
•  Porteau Cove Provincial Park (access and camping) – 14.0 km (7.6 nm)


Campsite Information/Site Data

Information or site data about Tantalus Landing Sxwan’shnm can be found directly on the BC Marine Trails map.



Tantalus Landing -prior to clearing of boat runtantalus ldg land 2 350

Tantalus Landing tent sitetantalus ldg camp 1 350



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