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Need help? Let us walk you through the weekend

This event is set up to function much like an online store, with a cart that tracks the items you choose. If you're not familiar with carts or how they function, please consider the following.

  • If you have signed up for an event but can't find your cart, look for the "Your Salish Sea Cart" cart box in the right sidebar near the top right of any events page. As you add more events, your cart will update. You can remove items from your cart at any time. If you don't see "Your Salish Sea Cart," it's likely you have no items in your cart.
  • If you clicked "Add more events" after registering for an event, but don't see more events, look for the "Salish Sea Marine Trail Celebration Events" box at the top right sidebar of any events page, and choose the appropriate category (camping, the weekend pass and workshops, or the race). 

Here's how to organize your weekend:

  • Are you camping? You have a choice of just one night or the Friday and Saturday. You will have to register for each night separately. 
  • Are you participating in workshops, the race and/or other weekend events? You'll have to sign up for a weekend pass. It is $25 and in large part covers insurance.
  • Workshops are held the Saturday and Sunday mornings and several run co-currently, so be sure you pick only one workshop for each hour. View the schedule.

Questions? We can answer them! If you can't find something, are having trouble registering, or are simply scratching your head about something, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 250-244-6437. We can sort it out! We also welcome suggestions. Please be kind, however, as we are restricted by the parameters of the events software used to create this registration system, so there are many elements over which we have no control. Thanks for your patience!

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